My sculptures are constructed from laminated poplar wood; it is an additive way of working, building up thin strips of wood to create lyrical twisting convoluted forms.

Each of these forms intones a certain fluidity, suggestive of and allusive to natural phenomena combined with a fusion of both the calligraphic and the scientific.

My inspiration has always been grounded in the almost invisible, but powerful fundamental compounds of our world, DNA spirals, protein configurations and string theory. I lived and worked in Hong Kong before I arrived in Los Angeles and travelled extensively throughout Asia and the Pacific, absorbing many different cultures and exploring both on land and underwater for several years. The use of all this information has enabled me to produce works that are distilled into a pure essence, each possessing an elegant and enigmatic quality. My works also reference a dichotomy, oppositions of natural and geometric, stability and mobility, sharp and blunt, positive and negative space.

The emotional quality, of feelings and places I remember, is allowed to be expressed during construction and also that of the material, since an aspect of sculpture is to allow the material to follow its natural inclination.

I now refer to my works as ‘amalgams’, because they are such mixtures of information fused together, especially with the works I am building now, many new associative factors, gleaned from recent travels, are blending together to produce something new and exciting, something that hasn’t been seen before.